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LinkedIn Blog: Data collection by vendors. Topic for procurement.

Tech dependency has raised another area for vendors which they want to avoid discussing with procurement.

Collection of any possible data, which they can get, is more and more becoming a critical part of additional interests during the usual collaboration. Since this is currently not properly regulated, a collection of it is usually placed in an omission zone from the company side.

I`m not talking about any confidential data, I mean all indirect data, which they can get from collaboration are then sold somewhere or reintroduced to us as a new product or so. As a general example, this can be a software provider, where they start including behavior analytics part (without any confidential data) on the pretext of improvement, and then they sell that data to an interested party, where it will be processed as a great new feature or as a great analytics for competitors (paid, of course).

I had a small talk in an airplane with a guy who is into the repair services of access control systems, and he bragged to me that they are collecting data even from small motion detectors. His words were: those impersonal data from detectors are a waste for the company, but additional profit for us. Imagine that “big sharks” i.e. large corporations have the same thinking.

It is time for procurement to use this topic to their advantages.



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