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LinkedIn Blog: Digital Marketing Procurement under transformation

The Digital marketing procurement sector is undergoing massive mindset transformation these days. We have only just gotten used to the workings of digital products like banners, OLVs, context, programmatic, etc. and built industry standards for pricing, terms of relationship and digital planning, but that sector has started to undergo another transformation.

According to news, e-commerce will boost consumer goods sales by more than 75% in the forthcoming years via collaboration with current e-commerce retail major platforms like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and many others. In other words, digital marketing is moving from extensive internet solutions to closed and uncompetitive clubs of retailers, where success will depend only on mastery of negotiations. On the other hand, this approach will optimize or even cut costs for media planning, production, and distributing. Based on that, we will have more budgets re-investing to tailored digital channels. Anyways, procurement function must closely support Business with new technology waves.

Another interesting topic: last Friday, WFA released a report which shows that programmatic will hit about 31% of digital budgets in the USA in 2018. Just amazing, how the digital sector is growing.

Creating Value through Procurement

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