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LinkedIn Blog: Essential of procurement function

Basically, if the procurement function is considered from an essential viewpoint, we can perceive a heavy reliance on plain personal consumption approach. We are following all standard consumer behaviors steps but with added bureaucracy, to be in a zone of business and relationship practices. If I want to buy a smartphone, for example, I do my personal tender or research in my head and apply my own policies to find the right seller, do negotiations and even sign a contract. Sounds familiar?

In the past, the gap between approaches was huge and counted by years, the personal consumption was in priority of global trends, and business was only on following roles, but now I see a great leap forward. According to researches, Virtual Assistants will change the attitude on both sides of consumption over the next 5-10 years. «Digital friend» will give you only a couple of trusted options with, «exactly what you need» message and fulfill all necessary «paperwork» on your behalf. Generally, we will win on time but lose a choice and influence by money voting.

This future creates questions about the possible transformation of procurement as a function, to another little bit role with a focus on global benchmarking.


Creating Value through Procurement


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