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LinkedIn Blog: CES2019 and procurement

«Voice» and «A.I.» features are in the spotlight of #CES2019 these days. I follow this topic with great personal interest because of its endless possibilities and its likely impact on procurement function transformation.

Smart speakers had an improved number of skills from 30K last year to around 60K this year and coupled with the personalization power of personal devices, as well as data and content, we have reached an all-time high. Self-Driving cars are not something WOW this year; WOW is how many manufacturers had it in and how many developers provide their software solutions to them. All trends are about moving more things to «digital box» – this means much more possibilities with an increase in the speed and quality of decisions.

By association with all above, I see that the current quality and availability of own online historical data and market sources, gives procurement function great advantages to check hypotheses, build strong benchmarking and to interact with stakeholders and suppliers in the way and manner we deal in real life. In general, many suppliers are ready with technologies and the digital marketplace is present, but we are still restricted by our infrastructure – we’re still keeping procurement procedures which were founded when trees were high…



Creating Value through Procurement

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