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A.I. happened so fast in daily routine…

Last week I got a call:

«Oleg, this is Maria. Would you have one minute to talk about banking services?»

I answered, «Sorry, no, let’s talk later.»
She continued, «Please, I’ll be finished within 30 seconds.»
«Ok, go,» I said. She started, and after just five seconds, I realized that I wasn’t interested. I tried to interrupt her but without luck. Instead, I hung up on the call.

Yesterday and today I received the same kind of calls, and all of them were from robots but with an absolutely real human voice. If I questioned them at the beginning («Am I speaking with a real person?»), they answered positive, but that was, of course, wrong. They all were robots driven by A.I.

I tried with questions like, «Please repeat your name,» or, «Repeat something,» and they all did. Voice recognition and the situational answers work perfectly. During the last call, I played with funny questions for about fifteen minutes. All were answered.

Got great insights about technology, but my gut is that kind of robots must inform the person at the other end at the beginning about the technology in use. And this must be a worldwide law.

P.S. my photo from Tokyo



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