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LinkedIn Blog: Strange ways of sales activities

The ingenuity of vendors’ salespeople is reaching a new level.

In one day, I started hearing a name of one vendor from almost everybody. They contacted many stakeholders and reached them with tailored proposals (WOW! But not). The vendor is doing some wide ranging services within marketing, so, together with Eugenia Fioktistova, we’ve got a lot of messages from stakeholders, saying something like, «We must onboard them, they are amazing. They can do exactly what we need.” Etc. etc. etc.

In my experience, I had a similar case many years ago when, in one day, one vendor started contacting stakeholders directly with proposals. That time the key was simple — one of our former top managers took a position there.

The result of these cases, after a short investigation, was unexpected: A vendor had started parsing a local recruiting website and saw all available resumes of our employees. They got a list of contacts and a list of their projects and responsibilities or even people’s references with contacts.

Thus, the first relationship was spoiled.


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