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LinkedIn Blog: 2018 CPO Survey report by Deloitte

From reading the last Deloitte CPO Survey report, I keep getting the feeling that we are chasing our tails in the procurement industry.  No, it is not about the quality of the report; it is incredible as always, as once a year we receive a lot of great industry insights. I think about the head figure of this report — «Cost reduction» which has remained the top strategy for the industry over the past four years according to previous reports. Of course, savings is our priority, but in general, over the past 20 years, automated bidding solutions and easily accessible data already give us the needed confidence with controlling of prices in comparison to the market. We are currently in the era of focusing to buying what we need today rather than how we can save a little more on what we are buying now because, in many cases, we are buying what vendors want to sell rather than what we really need. 

And this is an interesting question — why do the report’s figures remain stable over the years. Is it our internal intention or external positioning, that we are still «Cost savers» and not «Value generators»?

Again, thank you Lance Younger, for sharing and creating this.

The report is accessible through this link: http://bit.ly/2uwZm1I



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