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LinkedIn Blog: No more Typing Procurement

Over the previous weekend, I realized how easily my little nephews handled devices. They can already speak, but cannot read and write yet. So, they were just asking Google and Siri-style assistants by voice command to do some things in search, music, and videos. From the beginning of their life, these kids are avoiding any form of typing relationship with these devices. It is an excellent conceptual question for innovation. Did we think from this angle? What areas can we shape in procurement to be ready for the «no typing era» in the near future, while additionally improving our current processes by moving as much complexity as possible to voice-driven actions? And the good thing here is that from the technology angle we are ready with that interface and algorithms.

What stages are easy to re-think and customize? Of course, where the typing is prevails, such as in procurement Ops, PO processing, and reconciliation areas.

I find this topic fascinating, a connection of ANNs, A.I., and voice controlling features will lead to big innovations in procurement functions. I will continue with my personal research.



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