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LinkedIn Blog: How transformation is possible there?

Wow! It is really motivating news for me as a procurement professional. Some things in our daily life stay common over the years and sometimes, it is not easy to imagine how transformation is possible there.

According to Reuters, Airbus decided to cease Microsoft Office usage and move more than 100K employees to Google G Suite cloud software. From a personal point of view — it is precisely part of an effect of resistance. How it is possible? Word and Excel are both imperishable business standards… But from a professional perspective — it looks like they break a huge wall and let the digital transformation rays shine through the cracks. And while it is not because of cost — it is what they really need today to improve their agility. 

For the entire procurement industry — it is the golden key not only for another round of licensing negotiations with software vendors or resellers about Office prices but also for providing this case as an example that changes things and creates possibilities in any area; even its fundamentals.

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