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Imagining Ideas: Efficient Visualizations in Marketing and Engagement

Over the past two months, everyone has been talking about AI tools like Midjourney, StableDiffusion, or Dall-e, which generate images based on text prompts. These images aren’t limited to realistic scenes or objects, making it quite fascinating. I remember being captivated by a picture of futuristic NIKE sneakers generated by Midjourney. While experimenting with creative prompts such as imagining a fish with Coca-Cola in a Cyberpunk style is entertaining, it can become repetitive. Oh here is the fish BTW:

I began to consider how we could use these AI-generated images to streamline marketing processes and increase engagement during conferences or professional events. I came up with the concept of visualizing ideas. To demonstrate, I focused on two challenges: 1) Depicting the successful treatment of heart failure, with the patient returning to an active life, and 2) Engaging doctors with simple visual representations of cardiovascular event studies.

Typically, it takes weeks for marketing teams and agencies to find the right visuals, approaches, and conduct A/B tests. However, we achieved significant results in just minutes by using Midjourney. For example, we generated an image illustrating the positive emotions of a patient after heart failure treatment, which can be further developed in multiple ways. We also created visuals to evoke emotions in doctors during events about cardiovascular topics.

In just 30 minutes, we generated five more great ideas, even visualizing cancer cells – a task that would have been costly with traditional 3D imaging. While I don’t believe AI will completely replace professional agencies, it can help overcome three barriers: speeding up marketing processes, improving patient and doctor engagement, and offering a more cost-effective approach. Isn’t that amazing?

Post created by me, but with grammar check of ChatGPT4 🙂


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