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LinkedIn Blog: Procurement and crypto-currency’s adoption

#CES2018 gives a keen understanding that procurement function must be ready for crypto-currency’s adoption much earlier than we all previously anticipated.

Six months ago, ICOs were mostly the work of tech geeks and startups, without any seeming impact to the current fundamental process of «mutual settlements» over the market. However, look at the turn of events: messengers like Telegram started to talk about their own currency; Kodak unveils their crypto coins which will ensure by copyrights usage of photos… And this novelty continues moving out of the tech sector faster and faster.

I`m not certain that all current crypto-initiatives will survive beyond a year span, but the concept and mass character of it gives confidence for all parties involved in the core of trade exchange process. Based on today’s facts, we need to accept that the current question is not about early technologies, but rather, the question is about uncertainty and adoption. From another angle, many startups are talking about investments or remuneration via crypto-currency. So, to secure it, the market will continue to deal with crypto more and more.

Procurement needs to really keep a strict eye on further developments. We’re witnessing great times of transformation, right now!



Creating Value through Procurement

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