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LinkedIn Blog: Procurement à la russe #2

«Procurement à la russe» #2: — When the big local businesses makes any large tender, they usually invite as much market vendors as possible together at a public space and openly brief them on the requirements or explain to them the details of RFP. It is not, entirely, an unusual process, except that they strictly prohibit asking of any questions to internal clients outside of that event. During the small informal chats with vendors on an elevator ride, I sometimes ask them about their competitive opinions about procurement engagement across local markets, and as I have come to discover, that point belongs on their top list of permanent complaints. “How can we ask questions about any innovative approach if our main competitors are sitting next to us?», «It is a tough situation to hear what others ask. How can we compete with such unprofessional players? «They will receive what is requested, not anything above.» Conclusion: Equal RFP is not a mean family dinner, professional secrets, innovative thoughts and «above» cannot be public at that stage and artificially created unwillingness of it is an epic fail.


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