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LinkedIn Blog: Mass procurement and mass recruitment

I had a discussion with a recruiter about modern mass recruiting procedures. I think their techniques absolutely fits our goals within tail spend management. Yes, a great strategy for tail vendors is to move them into another category (just as we always see in books), but if we have the «gold spend standard» or a situation whereby nearly 80% of vendors cover 20% of spend; usually we have a lack of time with strategy building for such routine.

It is quite the same when mass recruiting has: to find the best people with the best cost and fill open positions a.s.a.p. From a general perspective, the process is entirely complex, but in details, it merely involves a lot of simple steps and procedures. Moreover, they actively use digital solutions and platforms for pre-qualification, ads, referrals, and even telemarketing. In general, they treat this activity as a continuous process, not an event.

So, I will take this topic for a detailed investigation from the procurement side.



Creating Value through Procurement

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