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LinkedIn Blog: An excellent example of a solicitation approach from an unknown vendor

How often do potential market vendors try to reach our procurement department or stakeholders using cold calls, or emails with boring presentations or obligatory introduction meetings? Yesterday, I received something new. It was just a short kind of message on a social network with a link to YouTube, where I found a 3 mins. clip which was made especially for me (I mean specifically for the company). They provided a video about the full cycle of their general services and in the rest of the video they showed how they think their service will fit and increase the efficiency of our current requirements. The video was not generic, but rather tailored to our needs. Great! I shared the link with stakeholders and next time when we aim to run a tender for similar services, that supplier will be the first to receive our RFP. By writing this post I want to share my thoughts, that usage of digital technologies and tailored approach is not just for personal things alone. It is not in any way disreputable when suppliers cross the standard line a little and think ahead of our needs. I believe that this should be encouraged and well developed, and it would be possible only if we give them some kind of mandatory feedbacks.


Oleg Remizov — Creating Value through Procurement.

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