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LinkedIn Blog: Procurement tricks

Personal Procurement tips to win over your stakeholder. I want to share with you one of my small «tricks» which will make your strategic procurement process smoother and provide ample opportunities for development. You won’t read or hear about it anywhere or from anybody else; it’s a small step I learnt from experience only.

The usual situation: when you try to dive into details on a project but have your stakeholder treats procurement as police officers who are trying to stop and stir up existing process. Ask your stakeholder two small and easy questions: «Do you know your counterparts from our competitors? What are they doing with the same processes or what solutions they are using?» By asking these questions, you are changing the concept of collaboration between you and your stakeholder.

As a result: you are the student and the stakeholder is the teacher with responsibilities to allay your doubts about professionalism or otherwise. This will often give you better insights and ideas and allow you to continue the initial discussion. It’s common human behavior that everybody wants to be good and right. It works effectively in commodities with some specific expertise. Procurement doesn’t know all, but we need to engage and challenge our stakeholders to think out of the routine.



Creating Value through Procurement

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