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LinkedIn Blog: Next BIG IDEA of Procurement industry

You’ve probably noticed that for quite some time Procurement has been missing its Big Idea that would drive the whole industry. Its own fidget spinner of a sort, that got everyone hooked and even “Henry the supplier who’s ok” comes to a meeting fidgeting with one. Certainly, going digital has been talk of the town for quite some time, still, as I already mentioned earlier, everyone perceives digitalization differently and DIGITAL is rather one of the means than a goal. e-auctions were one the breakthroughs in the industry that took place about 15 years ago, and those minutes of online competitions made a lot of suppliers sweat and “lose weight”. A decade ago, the industry witnessed R2P processes, and 5 years ago the market started talking about clouds, Agile, Big Data. And recently Ariba went into Procurement Awesome! What’s next? Simplification as one of the deliverables of this DIGITAL trend? Am I wrong? What do you think would let Procurement make its processes faster and more efficient to spin like a spinner and “hook” the suppliers?


Creating Value through Procurement

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