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LInkedIn Blog: Procurement and marketing automation things

By reviewing this year`s CES ideas and products related to AI, I realized that AI has an excellent growth in data analytics and consumer assistance area but absolutely slow and lesser focused to all marketing automation things.

I remember a case from the beginning of the year when Harley Davidson grew their sales figure to four digits within three months after they started using AI to deliver the right content to the right people. After reviewing the details of that case, my thoughts were clear: this has a vast upcoming potential, and we will see many ideas for «marketing A.I.mation», but according to #chiefmartec we have more than 5,000 players in here and practically nobody investing into stitching of all current trendy techs pieces together.

I have seen some new ideas in that area commanding great interest (Tray.io as an example), but still, it is not something special. But on the other hand, booming of «IoT» devices will probably force growth in that area. Albeit, not within years, but within months.

and one more. Thoughts aloud: When I read about simplification, I always think how simplification has to look like. And my conceptual hero is Craigslist. Fast, simple, and efficient.



Creating Value through Procurement

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