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Innovations from external vendors — that is what our internal clients expect from procurement function is what this topic aims to discuss. Yes, every procurement professional has a lot of techniques and methods they utilize to help them to deliver. But the initial statement is only true from one angle and has room for improvement if it is looked at from a different angle, with focus back on internal clients; this is indeed an uncharted territory of innovations for procurement.

My experience shows that innovations begin with a discussion with your stakeholder. Usually, every process owner already has some ideas, but the more complicated the process or project, the bigger the personal fears of judgment. It is easy for them to ask for something new from vendors and then also serve as a judge for their proposals. Nonetheless, procurement can be a game changer. Ask your internal client for long meetings with every accessible participant of the needed process. Talk to them about ideas and mindset-changed approaches, start from both angles of the project. Do something, like a SCRUM run. Then, draw and compare results, decide what can be shared with vendors.

With the results of that process, vendors will be more open and bold with their proposals and innovations. It is easy to create if you perceive support. Isn`t it?

23 December 2017


Creating Value through Procurement

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