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LinkedIn Blog: Christmas wishes to Procurement community

Dear Procurement community!

Allow me to congratulate all of us on the upcoming holidays. Looking back through the year; together, we have discussed a lot of great things, celebrated many achievements, and found solutions to many problems. Together, we are tuning and moving procurement culture all over the world to be a Great Value generation part of any business.

Looking to the future, I wish our industry to continue with a presence of our function within any business mind, and be on top of all modern trends and gigs; to be mindset changers 🙂

I’d like to raise a glass to an old Georgian toast: My great-grandfather always said: I desire to buy a house, but I don’t have the means to do it. I have the means to purchase a goat, but I don’t desire it. So, let us raise a glass to our desires of always meeting our possibilities.


Happy Holidays!


Creating Value through Procurement

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