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LinkedIn Blog: This week 2 news in the field of digital marketing

This week brings two interesting digital news, that can turn the tables in the field of digital marketing. First, is a letter to Apple from major internet advertisers on their deep concerns about unprecedented disruption to the whole industry due to a closure of user tracking features, while the second is from WhatsApp on the proposed commencement of their Business accounts with landline number verification.

For the Apple case — the explanation is simple. The market of user’s data is booming, and since Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. can generate and keep it in their hands, it’s worth managing it. BIGDATA is the future «gold» of personal marketing, but the generation of it is «gold-mine.» In the end, we will have a more standardized and analytical industry… and increased costs too.

For WhatsApp — that move will extend classical SMM approach to users who do not use social networks or are not happy to interact but fine with messaging (everybody is more comfortable to message rather than call). My grandmother can text GEICO and get an answer in SMM style as I receive via FB or Twitter. 🙂 And if we combine it with the pervasiveness of WhatsApp globally, we can have not only a powerful, cheaper and efficient tool but whole new digital CRM stream.

I am totally all for both of them.




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