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Procurement is opposite wing to Sales

Do you know that Sales function has undergone different evolution eras over the past decades? Last week, I had a kitchen talk with one of my internal stakeholders about tomorrow’s features of sales. How we will reach our partners and clients in a future of AI-addicted world and about our readiness for this from a procurement support perspective. The sales (Marketing) eras started from just simple trades prior to the pre-industrial revolution about 100 years ago and continued on with aggressive transformation through the personal sales era, on to the public marketing era, and then to the marketing companies era, and ends up with the aggressive relationship marketing area with a shift to the present Social/Mobile era. And the next step will be a truly personalized personal marketing, an era when we will propose exactly what our client needs even without him/her knowing it. No more useless information around. And finally, this era cannot be born without the collaboration of many different external and internal sources, and procurement partnering will be a crucial part of it.

And here, we have two conceptual questions from the procurement angle. Since in current business Value generating rocket, the procurement function is opposite wing to sales, what era we currently occupy in procurement and how we can not only follow them but also be able to influence and support it? Are you discussing Business AI/BIG DATA topics in Sales/Marketing?



Creating Value through Procurement

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