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LinkedIn Blog: Procurement Global jobs

According to MYVISAJOBS website, in 2016 alone, 226 working visas were issued by the US to procurement professionals to fill procurement positions in the country. I checked the trend and saw that since 2010 the number of such visas has increased by nearly ~ 220%. Primary employers are the Tech and Energy companies. I cannot find the same statistics for EU and UK, but the US results gives me confidence that value which is generated by the procurement function is starting to be more recognized and influential on a Global level. If this trend continues — many countries will lose a lot of true assets.

Mature procurement professionals can influence business everywhere around the World. And since everything is going digital, standardizing and simplifying methods of collaboration with suppliers will likely adopt the «simply like ride request at Uber» method, our primary role will focus on the Strategic part of finding what our business really needs today and NOT what vendors are happy to sell us.


originally posted at LinkedIn.

Creating Value through Procurement

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