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Relationship between procurement and stakeholders

The relationship between procurement function and stakeholders is like that between a younger sister and an older brother.

— If anybody you decide to date (or just mention in passing) gets a serious background check and review — RFP/TENDERING/Due Diligence processes are always on us.

— You get in on high school slang when you’re still in middle school — Procurement is hip digital ambassadors and innovation leaders. We are sharing and supporting any of possible current trendy solutions.

— And all the cool older kids know who you are — Stakeholders are proud to share their achievement with vendors, with their peers.

— You’re never bullied, because your bodyguard is always just a holler away — We are ready to fight for our stakeholder if any market player decides to skip the agreed terms.

— You get brutally honest feedbacks on all your experiments — Procurement professionals are happy to be excellent listeners.

— You know which music is «cool» before any of your friends do — Yes; procurement meets a lot of market vendors. We usually know what the current trends are and who creates and drives innovations. We never «sell» you old Nissan if we can give you a «Tesla».

— In fact, you’re trained in all sorts of gross (i.e. awesome) party tricks — Procurements usually invite you on many presentations and send you lots of information as regards current market processes.

— But even though you’ll never tell your brother this, the «love» side will always overshadow the «hate» — Procurement professionals are always ready to have your back full-time without any universal recognition.



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